Etech-Your Excellent Outsourcing Bridge To China !  


China's booming growth inproduction and consumption offers multiple import/export opportunities in practically all business segments. However, these opportunities present considerable challenges for foreign companies, including language & cultural barriers and adapting to foreign legal and business systems.

Etech can help bridge the cultural gap – as our company boasts over 14 years of local activity in China. Etech has established on going relationships with highly reliable suppliers and top-tier manufacturers, and has gained insider knowledge of the complex legal & commerce systems. We offer a total business solution to companies who wish to outsource manufacturing to China and to leverage design & production benefits.

Our international presence brings the Chinese market right to your doorstep, saving you the cost and effort of frequent flights to China and helping to eliminate the risk of unreliable suppliers and faulty manufacturing.Our team provides full A to Z turnkey services for a wide range of products and industries

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Whether you deal in electronics,manufacturing, mechanical design, OEM/ODM or product assembly, the Etech team can build a customized solution to match your precise needs.

Etech has extensive experience diverse products and works with the most advanced technologies for PCBA, powersupply, harness, glass, plastic, metal, rubber, silicon, paper and more.

Etech is experienced in manufacturing products for assorted industries including mobile, computing,telecommunications, consumer goods, medical equipment, home appliances,automotive and many others. Our expert team can assist you from the early concept stage, or can join up at a later development stage and move you quickly towards a mass production solution that best fits your particular needs.


At Etech we realize that significant cost reduction begins in the development phase and our focus on DFM(design for manufacturing) is one of the key components to our success. During the early design phase, Etech takes into consideration total manufacturing costs and helps customers to:

·        Avoid single-source components.

·        Minimize lead-time delays.

·        Design "automation-friendly"products for increased automation (or partial automation).

·        Simplify assembly process for massproduction without an increase of BOM costs.

·        Eliminate components requiring complex and expensive service.

At Etech we help our customers to focus on their core business strengths while outsourcing to Etech those tasks that are overly time-consuming or not within the customer's core expertise. Etech helps companies to streamline the design process and consistently manufacture cost-efficient products.


Etech offers quick & efficient prototyping services, assisting its customers in detailed productdesign, choice of materials & technologies, and the planning of cost-effective mass production.

Our prototyping experience involves the most advanced technologies for numerous manufacturing processes,including:

·        CNC Machining

·        Injection Molding

·        Rubber Molding

·        Silicon Molding

·        Metal Drawing

·        Stamping

·        PCB/PCBA


The Etech Quality Control team provides quality control services to customers inneed of a reliable external party to perform factory auditing & inspection services.

·        Full Factory Audit

·        Partial Factory Audit

·        In-Process Quality Control

·        IQC Audit

·        Pre-Shipment Audit

·        Onsite Verification

·        Process Control

·        Guidance & Training

·        Supply Chain Audit

Many Etech customers have existing manufacturing agreements with Chinese factories but are in need of inspection and auditing services to inspect raw materials, evaluate machinery status, and verify that final products match customer specifications.

The Etech quality team provides one-time or ongoing inspection services and helps ensure error-free production and shipment. Etech quality team operates according to industrial standards including IPC, AQL, CPK, SPC and ROHS.


With extensive production experience, the Etech engineering team provides expert guidance & engineering for mold design as well as fabrication, modification and approval for mass production. Our molding & tooling solutions include:

·        Metal Injection Molds

·        Plastic Injection Molds

·        Silicon & Rubber Injection Molds

·        Sheet Metal

Etech works with the most advanced tooling & molding makers in China and our market connections help us to achieve low manufacturing costs and short lead time.