Etech-Your Excellent Outsourcing Bridge To China !  


At Etech we realize that significant cost reduction begins in the development phase and our focus on DFM(design for manufacturing) is one of the key components to our success. During the early design phase, Etech takes into consideration total manufacturing costs and helps customers to:

·        Avoid single-source components.

·        Minimize lead-time delays.

·        Design "automation-friendly"products for increased automation (or partial automation).

·        Simplify assembly process for massproduction without an increase of BOM costs.

·        Eliminate components requiring complex and expensive service.

At Etech we help our customers to focus on their core business strengths while outsourcing to Etech those tasks that are overly time-consuming or not within the customer's core expertise. Etech helps companies to streamline the design process and consistently manufacture cost-efficient products.