Etech-Your Excellent Outsourcing Bridge To China !  


Etech has proven expertise with a full range of sheet metal processes,including:

·        Bending

·        Curling

·        Drawing

·        Expending

·        Punching

·        Spinning

·        Stamping

·        Water Jet Cutting

Etech works with a full spectrum of raw materials, including:

·        Stainless Steel

·        Aluminum

·        Brass

·        Tin

·        Nickel

·        Titanium

Etech has gained extensive CNC machining experience with advanced materials - employing both milling and lathing technologies. Etech performs consistent and rapid CNC production at very tight tolerances. In many cases our tolerance control has been 0.001 mm for millions of parts-per-month, while complying with strict cosmetic and functional criteria.

Etech today has many satisfied customers who have benefitted from our top-quality CNC production in the service of diverse industries.

·        Consumer Appliances

·        Electronics

·        Computing

·        Communications

·        Military

·        Industrial

·        Medical