Etech-Your Excellent Outsourcing Bridge To China !  


Etech offers all kind of Customized Die cutting service to oversea customers. Our main production are double sided tape, pe foam tape, VHB foam tape, Stretch film, bopp packing tape Foam, Rubber Tape, 3M/Tesa Tape, Poron, Custom Die Cutting Products. Etech have introduced advanced equipment to meet all kinds customersrequirements for different quality and technique level.


Re-wind machine for incoming check,

Slitting material to be required withed,

Laminate several material together for die cutting process,

Rotary die cutting,

Flatbed die cutting ,

Group die-cutting line,

Laser die cutting,

Punch  die cutting,

Silk-screen printing,

Clean room 10K class.

-Flatbed die-cutting machine:14,

-Production capability: 4kk pcs/day

-Silk-screen printing : 2.

-Slitting machine:4

-Rewind & unwind machine:2.

-Lamination machine:5.

-Punch machine: 4.

-Rotary die-cutting machine:5

-Production capability: 90Km/day

-Manufacture Precision: 0.10mm

-Group die-cutting line:1 group.

-Production capability: 100kpcs/day

-Manufacture Precision: 0.05mm

This line is just for the ramp stage of large project before using RDC,

-Clean Room space: 300sqr

-10K class.

For lens protective film, touch panel adhesive, parts for camera.

The goods from BA unit actually is same with the die-cutting, difference is BA unit only produced die-cutting for sundry batteries.

-BA unit us little punch to make parts.

-Punch machine:20.

-The capability of BA: 30kk cavity/month.

-Wind machine :2

-Slitting machine:4

-CNE (double head):5

-Stamping machine:2

-Heat lamination machine: 1

Lots of machine and worker can be shared with DC team, that is helpful for cost down.

-Tooling Lead time:2 hour

-Tolerance : 0.05mm

-able to quickly respond to  the requirement from customer.

-Tooling center service CEA, BA, DC.

Main supplier for raw material

Quality Detection Equipment