Etech-Your Excellent Outsourcing Bridge To China !  


China's booming growth inproduction and consumption offers multiple import/export opportunities in practically all business segments. However, these opportunities present considerable challenges for foreign companies, including language & cultural barriers and adapting to foreign legal and business systems.

Etech can help bridge the cultural gap – as our company boasts over 14 years of local activity in China. Etech has established on going relationships with highly reliable suppliers and top-tier manufacturers, and has gained insider knowledge of the complex legal & commerce systems. We offer a total business solution to companies who wish to outsource manufacturing to China and to leverage design & production benefits.

Our international presence brings the Chinese market right to your doorstep, saving you the cost and effort of frequent flights to China and helping to eliminate the risk of unreliable suppliers and faulty manufacturing.Our team provides full A to Z turnkey services for a wide range of products and industries

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